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These four articles by Robert K. Clark are intended to be useful and informative to the inquiring seeker of spiritual realities.

The first article, ‘Unknowing and Unsaying: Negation in the Mystic Quest’, briefly considers the nature of the mystic quest and the soul’s ascent via the via negative, as it leaves behind all that is unlike its Goal.

‘Words Cannot Name Thee: A Hymn to God and Its Author’ offers a translation of one of the most uplifting short inspirational writings in the Western mystical tradition. It also explores the question of the authorship of the ‘Hymn to God’, which has been variously attributed to Gregory of Nazianzus, Proclus and Dionysius the Areopagite.

‘A Brief Chronology of Some of the World’s Religions’ offers a short historical time frame to key stages of unfoldment in the world’s major religious traditions.

The final article offers insights into the differing ways that Platonic philosophy and modern psychology have used Greek philosophical terms.


Unknowing and Unsaying: Negation in the Mystic Quest
Words Cannot Name Thee: A Hymn to God and Its Author
A Brief Chronology of Some of the World’s Religions
The Divergent Uses of Greek Philosophical Terms By Platonic
Philosophy and Modern Psychology: Two Illustrations